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2021Analytical study of superadiabatic small-scale combustors with a two-step chain-branching chemistry model: lean burning below the flammability limitBosch, Javier; Fernández-Galisteo, Daniel; Jiménez, Carmen; Kurdyumov, Vadim
2017Critical conditions for flame acceleration in long channels closed at their ignition endKurdyumov, Vadim; Matalon, Moshe
2019Critical conditions for non-symmetric flame propagation in narrow channels: influence of the flow rate, the thermal expansion, the Lewis number and heat-lossesDejoan, Anne; Jiménez, Carmen; Kurdyumov, Vadim
2021Flame initiation near a cold isothermal wall: ignition by an instantaneous thermal dipoleKurdyumov, Vadim; Jiménez, Carmen; Sánchez-Sanz, Mario
2023Flame propagation in narrow horizontal channels: impact of the gravity field on the flame shapeDejoan, Anne; Jiménez, Carmen; Martínez-Ruiz, Daniel; Muntean, Víctor; Sánchez-Sanz, Mario; Kurdyumov, Vadim
2022Flame stabilization by a highly conductive body: multiple steady-state solutions and time-dependent dynamicsKurdyumov, Vadim; Jiménez, Carmen
2022Flame stabilization in narrow channels by a highly conductive wall segment: application to small-scale combustion devicesKurdyumov, Vadim; Jiménez, Carmen
2022Flame-acoustics interaction for flames propagating from the open to the closed end of a channel: effects of heat losses and the Lewis numberJiménez, Carmen; Kurdyumov, Vadim
2-dic-2020Flame-acoustics interaction for symmetric and non-symmetric ames propagating in a narrow duct from an open to a closed endJiménez, Carmen; Fernández-Galisteo, Daniel; Kurdyumov, Vadim
2023Multiplicity of solutions of lifted edge flames: symmetrical and non-symmetrical configurationsJiménez, Carmen; Kurdyumov, Vadim
2021Premixed flames in a narrow slot with a step-wise wall temperature: linear stability analysis and dynamicsKurdyumov, Vadim; Fernández-Galisteo, Daniel; JIménez, Carmen
2019Propagation of premixed isobaric flames in narrow channels with heat-losses: the asymptotic analysis revised and reliance on the flame-sheet modelKurdyumov, Vadim
2017Propagation of symmetric and non-symmetric lean hydrogen-air flames in narrow channels: influence of heat lossesJiménez, Carmen; Kurdyumov, Vadim
2024Small-scale superadiabatic combustors with a two-step chain-branching chemistry model: asymptotic models and the effect of two-dimensionality on lean mixtures burningBosch, Javier; Fernández-Galisteo, Daniel; Jiménez, Carmen; Kurdyumov, Vadim
2023Superadiabatic small-scale combustors: asymptotic analysis of a two-step chain-branching combustion modelBosch, Francisco Javier; Fernández-Galisteo, Daniel; Jiménez, Carmen; Kurdyumov, Vadim
2021Three-dimensional simulations of isobaric premixed flames freely propagating in narrow circular channels: breaking of symmetryDejoan, Anne; Kurdyumov, Vadim
Mostrando resultados 1 a 16 de 16


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