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30-ago-2022A three-dimensional study of the influence of momentum loss on hydrodynamically unstable premixed flamesFernández-Galisteo, Daniel; Dejoan, Anne; Melguizo-Gavilanes, Josué; Kurdyumov, Vadim N.
8-ago-2019Analysis of an idealized counter-current microchannel-based reactor to produce hydrogen-rich syngas from methanolFernández-Galisteo, Daniel; Fernández-Tarrazo, Eduardo; Jiménez, Carmen; Kurdyumov, Vadim N.
18-sep-2021Analytical study of superadiabatic small-scale combustors with a two-step chain-branching chemistry model: lean burning below the flammability limitBosch, Francisco Javier; Fernández-Galisteo, Daniel; Jiménez, Carmen; Kurdyumov, Vadim N.
11-mar-2022Asymptotic study of premixed flames in inert porous media layers of finite width: parametric analysis of heat recirculation phenomenaKurdyumov, Vadim N.; Fernández-Galisteo, Daniel; Jiménez, Carmen
2017Controlling of flame propagation in a composite solid energetic material: from stabilization to chaotic regimesKurdyumov, Vadim N.; Gubernov, Vladimir V.; Fursenko, Roman V.
23-jun-2017Effects of stoichiometry on premixed flames propagating in narrow channels: symmetry-breaking bifurcationsFernández-Galisteo, Daniel; Jiménez, Carmen; Sánchez-Sanz, Mario; Kurdyumov, Vadim N.
29-jun-2018Impact of the gravity field on stability of premixed flames propagating between two closely spaced parallel platesFernández-Galisteo, Daniel; Kurdyumov, Vadim N.
2020Influence of heat-loss on compressibility-driven flames propagating from the closed end of a long narrow ductKurdyumov, Vadim N.; Matalon, Moshe
2018Propagation of a reaction front in a narrow sample of energetic material with heat losses: chaotic regimes, extinction and intermittencyKurdyumov, Vadim N.; Gubernov, Vladimir V.
9-sep-2020Superadiabatic small-scale combustor with counter-flow heat exchange: Flame structure and limits to narrow-channel approximationKurdyumov, Vadim N.; Jiménez, Carmen; Fernández-Galisteo, Daniel
10-jul-2019The role of conductive heat losses on the formation of isolated flame cells in Hele-Shaw chambersMartínez-Ruiz, Daniel; Veiga-López, Fernando; Fernández-Galisteo, Daniel; Kurdyumov, Vadim N.; Sánchez-Sanz, Mario
Mostrando resultados 1 a 11 de 11


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