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Título : Spanish case study of long-lasting NORM exposure situation: Analysis of stakeholder involvement
Autor : Sala, Roser
López-Asensio, Sergi
Oltra, Christian
Germán, Silvia
Pérez, Danyl
Palabras clave : NORM
radiological waste
Fecha de publicación : 6-jul-2018
Resumen : In the framework of WP3 of TERRITORIES project, the objective of the present study was to understand the set of communicative, societal and ethical uncertainties and difficulties around the management and remediation of the phosphogypsum waste repository in Huelva, Spain. We aimed at analyzing how people make sense of and cope with such long-term radiological exposure situation and with the uncertainties appeared. We carried out a documentary and media content analysis and semi-structured interviews with members of the local population as well as some stakeholders with some role in the decision-making process (experts, authorities, industry, neighbourhood associations, environmental NGOs). The data obtained were analyzed by means of content analysis using MAXQDA software with an inductive approach. Media content was also analyzed quantitatively using SPSS software. From the documentary analysis, a first case description was developed which collected all important and existing information related to the case and served as a starting point for empirical and qualitative data. From the media analysis, the first identification of uncertainties and stakeholders was carried out. Finally, from the interviews, the main psychosocial dimensions were drawn. A preliminary analysis of the media and interviews shows that the main uncertainties around the management and remediation of the phosphogypsum waste repository are linked to different risk perceptions of the exposure dose to population and workers; to the lack of consensus and opposition to the program; difficulties in the assignment of responsibility for remediation and the cost of remediation; and problems in the coordination between administrations. A successful management and remediation of NORM sites should consider and integrate the societal, communicative and ethical uncertainties that appear in such situations. These findings will serve as the basis for the discussions in the next stakeholder workshop that will take place in Spain in the forthcoming months.
URI : http://documenta.ciemat.es/handle/123456789/376
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