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Título : Spanish case study of a radiological event: how risk communication can make the difference
Autor : López-Asensio, Sergi
Germán, Silvia
Sala, Roser
Oltra, Christian
Montero, Milagros
Trueba, Cristina
Palabras clave : risk communication
nuclear incident
Fecha de publicación : 6-jul-2018
Resumen : In the framework of WP5 of CONFIDENCE project, the objective of the present study was to identify and analyze the societal uncertainties around a nuclear radiological event in Spain. The final aim was to understand public and stakeholders’ response to uncertainty in past incidents and accidents. Three data collection tools were implemented: a review of documents, media analysis (n= 275), and semi-structured interviews with the affected population (n=10) and relevant stakeholders (n=13). A description of the event was developed by means of documentary review and the main knowledge gaps were identified. The media analysis was used to identify the key stakeholders and a preliminary list of sociotechnical uncertainties around the case. Interviews were used to identify a more exhaustive set of societal and communicative uncertainties linked to issues such as risk perception, communication and involvement with the local population. The qualitatively data obtained were analyzed with content analysis using MAXQDA software. Media content was also analyzed quantitatively. A preliminary analysis of the data shows that the communicative aspects around the emergency (such as the delay in communication, the lack of information about the event and the perceived lack of transparency) have been as important in the development of the emergency as the uncertainties linked to the characteristics of the event and the management of the incident or its consequences. The findings suggest that eliciting stakeholders' preferences and priorities for uncertainty management is a key issue to improve emergency planning. Some implications for risk communication during emergencies are derived.
URI : http://documenta.ciemat.es/handle/123456789/377
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