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Título : Public Responses to a Nuclear Reactor Emergency: Results from a Survey in Spain
Autor : Oltra, Christian
Sala, Roser
German, Silvia
López, Sergi
Fecha de publicación : oct-2018
Editorial : CIEMAT
Citación : Informes Técnicos CIEMAT;1438
Resumen : This report analyses data from a survey study aimed at studying the attitudes and behavioural intentions regarding a potential a nuclear emergency of the population living close to a nuclear power plant (0-30 km and 30-100km). We examine residents’ beliefs about a number of self-protective actions (sheltering, evacuation, etc.) as well as other dimensions regarding risk perception, trust and knowledge. We find the existence of significant levels of potential overreaction after a nuclear accident by the residents living within 100km around a nuclear power plant together with a low level of public trust in the operation of nuclear power plants and a general lack of awareness about the potential actions to carry out in case of a nuclear accident.
URI : http://documenta.ciemat.es/handle/123456789/416
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