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Título : Social and Communicative Uncertainties Around the Accidental Release of Radioactive Particles from Ascó I Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in Tarragona, Spain
Autor : Oltra, Christian
Sala, Roser
Germán, Silvia
López Asensio, Sergi
Montero, Milagros
Trueba, Cristina
Fecha de publicación : 21-nov-2019
Citación : Informes Técnicos CIEMAT;1443
Resumen : Introduction: The objective of the present case study was to identify and analyse the societal and communication uncertainties around a nuclear radiological event in Spain, as well as to understand public and stakeholders’ response to these uncertainties. Method: We base the study on the implementation of three data collection processes: a review of documents, a media analysis (n=275), and semi-structured interviews with the affected population (n=10) and relevant stakeholders (n=13). First, we describe the event by means of documentary review. Second, we identify five main groups of socio-technical uncertainties related to the consequences of the incident; the communication of the incident; the effects of the incident; the management of the incident and the characteristics of the incident. Finally, via in terviews with the key stakeholders, we identify and analyse a more exhaustive set of societal uncertainties around the incident, especially those linked to issues such as risk perception and communication and involvement with the local population. Results: Communicative aspects around the emergency (such as the timing of the communication, the amount and characteristics of the information provided, the perceived transparency, the actors involved) played a critical role in the development of the emergency, together with other issues related to the characteristics of the event and the management of the incident or its consequences. Discussion: The findings suggest that providing transparent, timely and accurate information about a radiological incident by the competent authorities may improve local trust and confidence in the case of a nuclear emergency.
URI : http://documenta.ciemat.es/handle/123456789/616
ISSN : 1135-9420
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