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Título : Lay Public Mental Models of Nuclear or Radiological Emergency Situations. Findings from Spain.
Autor : Sala, Roser
Germán, Silvia
López Asensio, Sergi
Oltra, Christian
Fecha de publicación : 21-nov-2019
Citación : Informes Técnicos CIEMAT;1448
Resumen : Off-site nuclear emergency plans consider the actions to be carried out in case of nuclear or radiological emergency. However, there is little scientific evidence about the knowledge of these emergency plans by the population living near nuclear power plants. This study, based on the mental models approach, aims to understand citizens’ cognitive representations of a nuclear emergency and its associated response plan. Data was collected through interviews to 15 citizens living near a Spanish nuclear power plant (NPP). The results show that participants have a general idea of the basic elements of the emergency plan, but only a vague understanding of each of the specific protective measure. There is a clear awareness among participants that, in case of an accident, it would be better to comply with governmental instructions; but it co-exists a belief that people would not necessarily follow the instructions by the authorities. Participants believe that there is not enough information regarding how to act during a nuclear or radiological emergency. They suggest the need to improve the current communication campaigns.
URI : http://documenta.ciemat.es/handle/123456789/617
ISSN : 1135-9420
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