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12-feb-2024A Novel Ground Fault Detection Method for 2020 Electric Vehicle Powertrains Based on a Grounding Resistor Voltage AnalysisGuerrero, J.M.; Navarro, Gustavo; Platero, Carlos A.; Tian, P.; Blázquez, Francisco
13-feb-2024A novel proposal of PTO direct-drive linear generator, an Azimuthal Multi-translator Switched Reluctance Machine (AMSRM)Lafoz, Marcos; Blanco, Marcos; Navarro, Gustavo; Nájera, Jorge; García-Tabarés, Luis
26-dic-2023AC Ground Fault Location for DC-AC Inverters Based on a Grounding Resistor Voltage AnalysisGuerrero, José M.; Navarro, Gustavo; Platero, Carlos A.
13-feb-2024Analysis of using MMC topologies for the direct integration of renewable generation with modular electrolyzersRausell, Eduardo; Navarro, Gustavo; Lafoz, Marcos; Arnaltes, Santiago; Rodríguez, Jose Luis; Blanco, Marcos; Nájera, Jorge
23-ene-2024Asymmetrical Rotor Skewing Optimization in Switched Reluctance Machines Using Differential Evolutionary AlgorithmTorres, Jorge; Moreno-Torres, Pablo; Navarro, Gustavo; Blanco, Marcos; Najera, Jorge; Santos-Herran, Miguel; Lafoz, Marcos
23-ene-2024Battery Energy Storage System Dimensioning for Reducing the Fixed Term of the Electricity Access Rate in Industrial ConsumptionsNájera, Jorge; Santos-Herrán, Miguel; Blanco, Marcos; Navarro, Gustavo; Torres, Jorge; Lafoz, Marcos
23-ene-2024Development and Experimental Validation of a Supercapacitor Frequency Domain Model for Industrial Energy Applications Considering Dynamic Behaviour at High FrequenciesNavarro, Gustavo; Nájera, Jorge; Torres, Jorge; Blanco, Marcos; Santos-Herrán, Miguel; Marcos, Lafoz
29-ene-2024Dimensioning Methodology for Energy Storage Devices and Wave Energy Converters supplying isolated loadsLafoz, Marcos; Blanco, Marcos; Beloqui, Lucia; Navarro, Gustavo; Moreno-Torres, Pablo
23-ene-2024Dimensioning Methodology of an Energy Storage System Based on Supercapacitors for Grid Code Compliance of a Wave Power PlantNavarro, Gustavo; Blanco, Marcos; Torres, Jorge; Nájera, Jorge; Álvaro, Santiago; Santos-Herrán, Miguel; Ramírez, Dionisio; Lafoz, Marcos
23-ene-2024Dimensioning Methodology of Energy Storage Systems for Power Smoothing in a Wave Energy Conversion Plant Considering Efficiency Maps and Filtering Control TechniquesTorres, Jorge; Blanco, Marcos; Lafoz, Marcos; Navarro, Gustavo; Nájera, Jorge; Santos-Herran, Miguel
12-dic-2023Dimensioning of Point Absorbers for Wave Energy Conversion by Means of Differential Evolutionary AlgorithmsBlanco, Marcos; Lafoz, Marcos; Ramirez, Dionisio; Navarro, Gustavo; Torres, Jorge; García-Tabares, Luis
23-ene-2024Fast Energy Storage Systems Comparison in Terms of Energy Efficiency for a Specific ApplicationTorres, Jorge; Moreno-Torres, Pablo; Navarro, Gustavo; Blanco, Marcos; Lafoz, Marcos
23-ene-2024Hybrid frequency control strategies based on hydro-power, wind, and energy storage systems: Application to 100% renewable scenariosSarasúa, Jose Ignacio; Martinez-Lúcas, Guillermo; García-Pereira, Hilel; Navarro, Gustavo; Molina-García, Ángel; Férnandez-Guillamón, Ana
13-feb-2024Isolated and Bidirectional Three-phase Single- Stage Quad-Active-Bridge Series-Resonant ACDC converterSal y Rosas, Damián; Chavez, Daniel; Navarro, Gustavo; Lafoz, Marcos
23-ene-2024Meta-heuristic optimisation approach for wave energy converter design by means of a stochastic hydrodynamic modelBlanco, Marcos; Santos-Herrán, Miguel; Navarro, Gustavo; Torres, Jorge; Nájera, Jorge; Villalba, Isabel; Lafoz, Marcos; Ramirez, Dionisio
23-ene-2024New Type of Linear Switched Reluctance Generator for Wave Energy ApplicationsGarcía-Tabares, Luis; Lafoz, Marcos; Blanco, Marcos; Torres, Jorge; Obradors, Diego; Najera, Jorge; Navarro, Gustavo; García, Francisco; Sánchez, Andres
23-ene-2024Present and Future of Supercapacitor Technology Applied to Powertrains, Renewable Generation and Grid Connection ApplicationsNavarro, Gustavo; Torres, Jorge; Blanco, Marcos; Nájera, Jorge; Santos-Herrán, Miguel; Lafoz, Marcos
21-nov-2023Wave Farms Integration in a 100% renewable isolated small power system -frequency stability and grid compliance analysisBlanco, Marcos; Navarro, Gustavo; Nájera, Jorge; Lafoz, Marcos; Sarasúa, José Ignacio; García, Hilel; Martínez-Lucas, Guillermo; Pérez-Diaz, Juan Ignacio; Isabel, Villalba
Mostrando resultados 1 a 19 de 19


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